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is hard to come by when it comes to the use of pre-employment testing.  We have a great deal of reliable information posted on this site.

 There are a number of articles listed under "Information & Tips" that deal with specific issues such as validity, reliability, and legality.  

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Pre employment testing and assessment programs take the risk out of hiring.
Information on pre employment testing, employment assessments, skills aptitude testing improves career competency.
Information regarding pre employment and personality test reliability.
Comparing pre employment personality testing results to reference check information.
Information about personality and skills aptitude testing.
Information about pre employment personality and skills aptitude testing.
Information about pre employment sales personality and sales skills aptitude testing.
Information about pre employment personality aptitude testing and human behavior.
Personality testing and assessment information improves the employee selection process.
Information on printing personality testing and assessment results.
Information about career asessment - personality skills aptitude testing.
Information about the career competency pre employment aptitude and skills assessment.
Information about customer service skills and aptitude testing.
Information about leadership knowledge.
Information about Sales Knowledge pre employment skills assessment.
The Sales Achiever is the best pre employment aptitude test money can buy!
Information about the Achiever pre employment personality assessment.
Links to all pre employment personality testing and aptitude assessment links.
Informative articles about pre employment personality testing and aptitude testing and assessment.
Information about taking an online pre employment personality test and/or aptitude/skills test.
Innovative pre-employment testing and assessment and selection strategies that result in improved hiring and better employee retention.

Personality Assessment Information

This section contains various articles and information regarding pre employment personality testing and applicant assessment issues.  We will explore some of the terminology, especially regarding test validity and reliability.  There are also some articles concerning the legal issues concerning pre employment testing and other real world experiences so that you will be able to understand some of the practical uses of employment testing and why using the right personality assessment test is so important.

We hope that by the time you have reviewed some of the information and articles listed below, you will have a better understanding of how the use of pre employment personality testing can benefit your company when used as a part of your employee selection testing procedures even if you are already using some other type of skills assessments in your hiring process.

Assessment Validity

Assessment Reliability

Legality Issues Regarding Testing

To Test or Not to Test

Isn't Employment Testing Risky Business?

Hiring Effective Sales People

Making Reference Checks Count

The Best Employees Are Free!

Job Related Stress Factors

Understanding Human Behavior

The Problems With Interviews

Taking an Assessment Over the Internet

Interpretive Guide

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