The following are some comments from our clients.

I wanted to send a big thank you for your superb service online and over the phone.  Like most small business owners I have made a lot of very costly hiring mistakes over the years.  With your help, this is the first time that I feel we really did it the right way.  Obviously there are never any guarantees, but I feel our chance of a great hiring decision is in the 80% range this time.  Usually it feels like we are going to Vegas one more time and rolling the dice!

I really appreciate the level of comfort it gave me to get some objective measures of aptitudes (vs. resumes and references that turn out to be suspect).  It was also very impressive that the behavioral attributes on the Achiever Assessment, reinforced and crystallized the impressions I got during in-person interviews.  This was very reassuring as well.

Above all, your interpretation of the results on the phone was invaluable in picking the right candidate - I don't see other testing companies doing that.  Your service looked more expensive than some, and cheaper than others, but in the end it's the value to the business that really matters, and our return on investment here has been huge.  Hiring employees is too mission-critical not to get real professional help - thank you again.

Nick Taylor
General Manager, BulletProofME.com Body Armor

"Screening with the Achiever has provided remarkable insights that one might expect or recognize over time, all in a well formulated report."

- James Thompson,MD
Allergy Relief of Texas
Fort Worth, TX

"I continue to marvel at how accurate your assessment is. Thank you for your excellent service."

Arlene Lyons
Paul Mitchell The School Esani
A Modern Salon School of Excellence


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