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Quick Review:
The Sales Achiever is highly recommended for the assessment of all sales positions.  It utilizes the exact same questionnaire as the Achiever and measures the same aptitudes and personality dimensions.  The only difference between the two is that the wording in the Sales Achiever report is slanted more to sales.

The Sales Achiever is used for pre-employment testing as well as for the objective evaluation of existing employees.  The "Personal Development Suggestions" are an excellent and cost effective tool to use to assist in the training and development of your existing sales staff. 

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The Sales Achiever Sales Aptitude Assessment

The Sales Achiever is a sales assessment test that measures six mental aptitudes and ten personality dimensions as they relate to sales aptitudes.  It is a sales personality test that measures both innate sales skills and behaviors plus cognitive abilities.

The Sales Achiever is a sales skill assessment that is utilized in employment testing, sales recruiting and sales applicant selection and/or in the training process to develop and improve sales abilities and effectiveness, increased sales productivity and job satisfaction. This is one sales employment assessment that makes it a lot easier to hire good sales people and it does it with a high degree of accuracy.

Mental Aptitudes

The six mental aptitudes measured by the Sales Achiever are:

  • Mental Acuity - learning comprehension, judgment, reasoning and problem-solving ability
  • Business Terms - knowledge of basic business terms
  • Memory Recall - knowledge of current events as they relate to sales skills and abilities
  • Vocabulary - general English vocabulary skills
  • Numerical Perception - ability to handle numerically related tasks quickly and accurately
  • Mechanical Interest - measures interest in the mechanical area

Most sales personality testing programs or the standard type sales personality assessments do not measure mental aptitudes.  The Sales Achiever is used extensively for sales aptitude assessment in order to hire better sales people and customer service testing applications where problem solving and thinking skills are important. It is a cut above most sales hiring tests.

Personality Dimensions

The ten personality (i.e., behavioral) dimensions measured by the Sales Achiever assessment are:

  • Energy - energy, drive, tension and stress levels
  • Flexibility - integrity, reliability, dependability and work ethics
  • Organization - personal orientation to plan and utilize time wisely
  • Communication - innate ability to meet and interact with people, an essential part of good salesmanship skills
  • Emotional Development - ego, self-esteem, self-confidence and ability to handle pressure
  • Assertiveness - strength and determination to get one's way and close the sale
  • Competitiveness - team orientation versus individualistic competitiveness
  • Mental Toughness - psychological stamina to deal with life and job problems
  • Questioning/Probing - instinct to question and probe rather than accepting things at face value
  • Motivation - security-motivated or recognition, incentive and commission oriented (a very important sales aptitude)

The Sales Achiever sales skill assessment contains two validity scales to assess the accuracy of the Sales Achiever report:

Distortion - frankness of the respondent as related to the statistical validity of the personality test section.

Equivocation - consistent decision-making of the respondent as it relates to the accuracy of the personality test section.

The Sales Achiever takes about 50-60 minutes to complete.

The Sales Achiever report is comprised of the following:

  • The narrative segment, which explains each sales aptitude and personality dimension that is being assessed in the report and how the individual has scored in each, compared to the more productive sales people in that job.

  • A pictorial analysis comparing the individualís actual scores to the desirable sales traits and benchmarks for the job.  These sales abilities or benchmarks may be derived for an individual company based on their own successful sales people in the job, based on the job description, or the sales applicants can be assessed against an industrial data base of people who are successful in those sales jobs.

  • Sales Analysis is a sales assessment report which identifies the personís strongest sales skills and areas where the person could benefit from sales training and development, based on the following five elements of selling ability:
    1. Building rapport
    2. Identifying a need or desire
    3. Presenting the product/service to fill prospectís needs
    4. Dealing with objections
    5. Closing the sale

  • Personal Development Plan compiled as a result of the overall assessment of the individual compared to the sales aptitudes and sales skills required to successfully perform the job.  The plan also identifies those actions that the individual can take on a daily basis to become stronger in the position.

  • Behavioral interview questions that can be asked in a secondary interview process which are created as a result of the comparison of the individual to the requirements of the job. In addition, responses are given that the interviewer might look for from the person in relationship to the personís linkage or non-linkage to the job.  Hiring good sales people just got a lot easier.

In using the Sales Achiever as a sales employment aptitude test or sales personality assessment test, the interviewer can zero in on areas such as customer service skills, management skills, emotional intelligence, and leadership skills.  It is the first step in developing a good sales force.  When you start using the Sales Achiever, recruiting good sales people will accomplished with much greater accuracy.

If you are looking for an assessment test for sales aptitude testing that goes above and beyond most sales personality testing, you should consider the Sales Achiever.  The personality assessment section combined with the mental aptitudes section gives a complete picture of the applicant's sales abilities.  This sales assessment tool can also be used as an employee assessment to measure the potential of your sales force and as a training needs assessment to help improve the existing sales force.

Use of the Sales Achiever pre employment assessment for sales personality testing falls within the realm of pre employment testing and it is not classified as a psychological assessment.

Sample of the Sales Achiever Report

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