The Achiever Pre Employment Assessment

The Achiever is an in-depth pre employment assessment that measures six mental aptitudes (cognitive abilities) and ten personality dimensions as they relate to the job the individual is being assessed for.  Those mental aptitudes and personality dimensions are listed below.

Mental Aptitudes

  • Mental Acuity - learning, judgment, problem-solving and reasoning ability
  • Business Terms - knowledge of basic business terms
  • Memory Recall - knowledge of current events
  • Vocabulary - general English vocabulary
  • Numerical Perception - ability to handle numerically related tasks quickly and accurately
  • Mechanical Interest - interest in the mechanical area

Personality Dimensions

  • Energy - energy and drive level; how tension and stress are handled
  • Flexibility - integrity, reliability, dependability and work ethics
  • Organization - ability to plan and utilize time wisely
  • Communication - individual's desire to meet and interact with people
  • Emotional Development - level of self-confidence and ability to handle pressure
  • Assertiveness - whether a person is a leader or a follower
  • Competitiveness - whether a person is team-spirited or individualistically competitive
  • Mental Toughness - ability to persevere and deal with obstacles in life without giving up
  • Questioning/Probing - desire to ask questions and not just take things at face value
  • Motivation - whether person is security-motivated or incentive and commission driven

Report Features

The Achiever assessment is noted as one of the most in depth and comprehensive pre employment assessments in the American and Canadian marketplace.  It contains the following segments:

  • The narrative segment, which explains each mental aptitude and personality dimension that is being assessed in the report and how the individual has scored in each as compared to the job parameters.

  • A pictorial analysis comparing the individual's actual scores to the desirable benchmarks for the job. Those job benchmarks may be derived for an individual company based on their own successful people in the job, or the person can be assessed against Candidate Resources' data base of people who are already successful in those jobs.

  • A Leadership Analysis identifying the person's strengths as well as areas where the person could benefit from further development, based on the following five elements of leadership skills:
    1. Planning
    2. Organizing
    3. Directing
    4. Staffing
    5. Controlling

  • Sales Analysis is a sales assessment which identifies the person's strongest sales skills and areas where the person could benefit from more development, based on the following five elements of selling:
    1. Developing rapport
    2. Identifying a need or desire
    3. Presenting the product/service to fill prospect's needs
    4. Dealing with objections
    5. Closing the sale

  • A Personal Development Plan is compiled as a result of the overall assessment of the individual.  The Personal Development Plan compares the mental aptitudes and behavioral traits required to successfully perform the job.  It identifies those actions that the individual can take on a daily basis (books they can read, etc.) to become more proficient in the job.

  • Behavioral interview questions are included that can be asked in a secondary interview process.  The interview questions are created as a result of the comparison of the individual to the requirements of the job.  In addition, responses are given that the interviewer might look for in the candidate's answers, in relationship to the person's job fit.

The Achiever's most prominent use is in employment testing for the screening and evaluation of applicants.  It is also used as an objective evaluation of existing employees who are being considered for promotion, transfer or annual performance reviews in job categories which include:
  • Inside and outside sales
  • Customer service representatives
  • Supervisory positions
  • Management positions
  • Administrative jobs
  • Technical positions
  • Engineering and other professions

Organizations who make an investment in their employees and are concerned about matching the person with the job generally use some type of aptitude testing.  Employees who are appropriately matched to their jobs have higher levels of job satisfaction and better overall job performance than their "unmatched" co-workers.  Higher levels of job satisfaction result in improved productivity, lower employee turnover and better retention.

Product Summary

The Achiever is a quality pre employment testing instrument.  It is so much more than just a personality profile test.  It is both a cognitive assessment and a behavioral assessment. 

The personality assessment portion of the Achiever measures core behaviors.  As far as behavioral testing is concerned, it is the finest and most accurate assessment tool that I have ever found.  Combining the behavioral assessment measures with the cognitive measures on one instrument produces a very powerful effect.  Not only do you know what the candidate's problem solving and intellectual abilities are, you also gain a much better understanding of how those abilities relate to the behavioral factors (personality dimensions).

The Achiever is also used for customer service testing, as a sales aptitude test, and as a career assessment test. 


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