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What is the pricing for the different assessments?
Following are the current prices for the various assessments that we offer.   All prices shown are in U. S. Dollars.   For pricing for over 50 units, please call 985-651-2819 for assistance.

The Achiever, Sales Achiever & Career Advisor
50 Units $ 5,250.00 ($105.00 per assessment)
25 Units $ 2,875.00 ($115.00 per assessment)
10 Units $ 1250.00 ($125.00 per assessment)
1-9 Units $ 185.00 ($185.00 per assessment)

The Guardian
50 Units $ 3,500.00 ($ 70.00 per assessment)
25 Units $ 1,875.00 ($ 75.00 per assessment)
10 Units $ 800.00 ($ 80.00 per assessment)
1-9 Units $ 95.00 ($ 95.00 per assessment)

The Scoreboard and Performer
50 Units $ 2,050.00 ($ 41.00 per assessment)
25 Units $ 1,075.00 ($ 43.00 per assessment)
10 Units $ 550.00 ($ 55.00 per assessment)
1-9 Units $ 65.00 ($ 65.00 per assessment)

Learning Needs Assessments
Career Competency $ 250.00 each
Leadership Knowledge $ 55.00 each
Sales Knowledge $ 55.00 each
Customer Service Knowledge $ 55.00 each

How long does it take to get the results back?
If you choose for Saterfiel & Associates to generate the reports, the assessment results will usually be emailed to you within 1 to 2 hours.

When we generate reports for the client, we provide a cover email that will provide a general rating on the candidate and point out any areas of concern that we see.

If you choose to generate your own assessment reports, the results will be available as soon as the respondent completes the assessment.

If I buy a block of 10 assessments, how long before they expire?
We do not put an expiration date on the assessments that we sell. Some small clients will purchase a ten pack and use them over the course of three to four years.

What if I need help with interpreting the assessment results?
If you need help with the assessment report, just give us a call.  We realize that you may feel a little awkward with the process at first, especially if you have not worked with assessments before.  We will be happy to guide you through the report and point out any areas of concern that we see.  We do not charge extra for that support and do encourage you to give us a call, especially on your first reports.

When we generate the reports for our clients we provide a cover email that will include a general rating on the candidate and which will point out any areas of concern that we see.  That cover email is mainly meant to point out certain topics that you will want to focus on while reading the report.  The email is very brief and not meant as a substitute for the report itself.

How does the assessment process work?
Once we set up your account, we will email you a set of instructions for each of the assessments that you want to use.  Those instructions provide the candidate with all of the information that they need to know in order to complete the assessment.  Make several copies of the email and put them in your drafts folder because you will use the same email over and over again.  Simply open one of the draft copies and insert the candidate's email address and hit the "Send" button.   There is no need to contact us each time you wish to have a candidate tested.  Just send them the email for the appropriate assessment.

When the candidate completes the assessment, we will automatically email you the report in PDF format along with the cover email.  If completed during normal business hours, you should receive the report back within a couple of hours.

How long does it take to set up an account and get started testing?
It usually takes about 20 minutes.  If you will complete the new account form or send us an email with your contact information and billing address, that will definitely help to expedite the process.  If you are purchasing assessments one at a time, the invoice will be mailed out at the end of the month for the number of assessments that were used during that month.  If you purchase a ten pack or a larger block of assessments, the invoice will be mailed on the date that the order was placed.   We generally expect payment within 30 to 45 days.  You may start using the assessments as soon as your order is placed.

Just how accurate and reliable are the assessment results?

The accuracy of the assessment will naturally depend on the how honest and direct the respondent is with his answers.  Each assessment has a distortion scale that measures the extent to which individuals will try to present themselves in a favorable light.  When the Distortion score falls into the 8 or 9 range, the accuracy may be reduced to around the 60 to 70 % level. If the Distortion score in in the 3 to 5 range, the accuracy is probably around the 85 to 90% level.  The average accuracy level of the standard interview process is about 50%.  The highest level of accuracy is obtained when combining the results of the assessment report along with the interview and reference checks.

If I plan to use both the Achiever and Sales Achiever, do I need to purchase a 10 pack of each to get the discount?
It is also okay to mix up the assessments with other assessments of the same price. For example if you plan on using some Achiever assessments and some Sales Achievers, you only need to purchase one ten pack and you can use whatever mix of Achievers and Sales Achievers that you need to make up the ten assessments.


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