The Career Advisor Assessment

The Career Advisor assessment produces a report that helps individuals explore new career options which they may have never considered.  It is directed towards the individual rather than the potential employer.  The Career Advisor assessment takes approximately one hour to complete. 

The Career Advisor will compare an individual's mental aptitudes and personality traits, and their associated levels, to those of people who are successful in a number of jobs in the following areas:

  • Careers requiring a college degree
  • Jobs requiring vocational trade training certification
  • Jobs that do not require a college degree or vocational or trade certification
  • Careers in the medical profession and social services
  • Careers in business, management or sales
  • Jobs in the jewelry industry
  • Jobs in restaurants, cosmetology or other service industries

The Career Advisor Report includes a Career Potential Report which rates an individual's potential in a variety of jobs based on their own cognitive abilities and personality dimensions.  Companies have known about the benefits of matching people to jobs for many years, and now this same approach is offered to individuals seeking new career alternatives or exploring new options for the future

Corporations use personality testing and pre-employment assessments such as the Achiever because they provide an objective analysis of a potential candidate.  Career Advisor is based on the Achiever assessment and uses the success hiring patterns or "benchmarks" that were once a part of the Achiever report.  It is hard for us to be objective about ourselves when it comes to our own strengths and weaknesses.  It is far too easy to overlook important behavioral traits and concerns that would result in low levels of job satisfaction.  Career Advisor provides that element of objectivity for the individual to consider when selecting a career.

The Career Advisor Report also contains a section with personal development suggestions.  The personal development section recommends areas for potential improvement and provides guidelines for the individual regarding positive steps that can be taken on a daily and weekly basis to become more productive and enhance personal competency.  Books and online learning courseware suggestions are also provided.


Sample of the Career Advisor Report.

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