Career Competency Assessment

There are two very important strategies that companies use to develop and train a highly effective and productive workforce.  The first is to hire quality employees that want to succeed.  They further motivate their employees to achieve higher levels of productivity and performance by enhancing personal competency.  Two very fine tools that will help you achieve those goals are the Achiever pre-employment assessment and the Career Competency training needs assessment.

The Career Competency Assessment provides a very detailed and comprehensive report that measures sixteen competencies and various key behaviors that have been defined as the most critical individual skills and behaviors required for an organization and its employees to be successful and directly support a company's strategic objectives.

Measures 16 Competencies

Career Competency assesses an individual in the following sixteen competencies:

  • Accountability/Ownership
  • Analytical Thinking/Intellectual Capacity
  • Challenge The Status Quo
  • Collaboration/Integration
  • Communication/Persuasion
  • Creativity/Innovation
  • Customer/Market Oriented
  • Decisiveness
  • Diversity
  • Drive For Results
  • Energy/Enthusiasm
  • Finding/Managing/Developing Talent
  • Global Perspective
  • Integrity
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Strategic Thinking

Personal Competency Development Plan

Career Competency is directed specifically at personal development and career growth.  It includes a Personal Competency Development Plan which identifies areas where the individual would benefit the most from training and development.  The areas of weakness are indicated by low scores on the Competency Assessment Summary.  The Career Competency report recommends online training materials and the most up-to-date professional development books.  By using the recommended self study resources, the individual can be expected to improve in the competencies targeted for improvement.  When coupled with online learning courseware, you have a very efficient training and development program that is cost effective.

Career competency deals with topics such as professional integrity, honest and ethical business behavior, managing interpersonal conflict, strategic thinking and vision, plus creativity and innovation.  Other important areas of development include the global perspective and international awareness, and understanding of diverse cultures.

Many companies are actively promoting and involved with diversity training and awareness programs.  Many of the attitudes regarding diversity are behaviorally based.  Career Competency points out the advantages of diversity and accepting the differences in others while also promoting zero tolerance for discrimination.  If you are trying to build a more diverse workforce, you need this assessment as part of your training and development program!

The individual can easily monitor his progress through re-assessment at periodic intervals.  The assessment takes approximately 60 minutes to complete.


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